At War With The Inner Sloth

Hello everyone – it’s me, actual human sloth Michelle. Some of you might laugh, as I’ve posted a lot about the stuff I’ve done and how I’ve built the motivation to do it. But it’s true. Inside of me is a sloth that wants to binge-watch Netflix and play Fallout 4. And it’s hard to defeat that sloth, especially since there are so many settlements that need my help.


No thanks to you, Preston!

On some levels, I indulge the sloth, because I recognize the importance of recreation and entertainment. We all need down time. Especially those of us who have unrelated day jobs which sap a lot of our creative juices.

However, entertainment can be addictive and it’s hard to get back on the productivity wagon. The first half of this month, my health slowed me down. That was not my fault. However, I really should have been back in the swing around March 20th, and have not done much to remedy my lag. I don’t really have any excuses aside from simply Not Feeling Like It.

I tend to think of time in neat, rounded,¬†constrained chunks. I’m the type of person who says “I will start on that at 4:00. Oh, it’s 4:10 now? I’ll start at 5:00.” So at this point, I’m basically resigned to doing better in April. I’m not going to redeem March at this point. The good news is that my health is pretty much back to full HP, and all I need is a bit of motivation. Like, say, April 1st :P

And as always, here’s what I did last week. I had a four day weekend, which should have gone to productivity, but was more of a vacation for me. Alas.

  • The Shadow of Saturn Draft One: Up to 39,000 words here, so I’m still 21,000 words behind. At least I maintained the loss instead of worsening it.
  • Paradisa Edits: For the first time, I completely ignored these this week. I’ve been studious enough that it’s not a huge hit, but I will probably be a week or two behind now.
  • Video Business: Ordered all my camera equip, which arrives today! Also got my bank account set up. This is actually coming along nicely.
  • Indie MoCap: I took off Thursday and Friday, but otherwise, this keeps on chugging.

And that’s about it. Dead Air is behind, my reading has fallen back, I still haven’t finished my second kindle short or worked on my short story, I haven’t done any animation tutorials, and freelance is kind of nonexistent.

That being said, I’d like to finish out March with at least the following

  • Try out some of my new camera equip
  • Get my green screen set up in my studio
  • Finish my video business website
  • Create my April Indie MoCap Newsletter
  • Submit to 3 more lit mags
  • Read one more book (probably Rollback)
  • Get up to 45,000 words in The Shadow of Saturn

Pretty obtainable for the next four days, I think. And then better luck in April.


Aw, shucks.

8 thoughts on “At War With The Inner Sloth

  1. I’m finding it hard to believe March is almost over. I made nowhere near the progress I wanted to on my novel’s third draft. In my case, it hasn’t been slothing (though I’m guilty of that some weekends); it’s just been life in general. Lots of things popping up. But April should get me back on schedule. I hope.

    • I’ve been away for a while, but I’m finally reading blogs again and it seems like everyone’s been on a hiatus of some sort. Sloths everywhere. I hope we all get more writing in soon. :)

  2. Michelle, I’ve been doing the same thing, I have to admit. I’m going to use the excuse of a new relationship.

    OK, maybe that’s not all the reason. Maybe it’s the spring season? New projects at work?

    I am completely bedeviled staying on task with Requiem, let alone the short story I’ve started. Let’s not even talk about my dropping the ball on my blog.

    Reading? Yeah, that might be the one area I’m keeping up on.

    Rest assured you’re in good (if not highly motivated) company. New month; new chances to succeed, right?

  3. Good luck! Nothing wrong with a little reprieve. You’re still more productive than I’ve been. Let’s hope that April is fruitful for both of us.
    Also, how can you resist Netflix when there’s new Daredevil on? I find that hard… ;P

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