• Paradisa” – Connor Bishara is an ex-Navy SEAL chasing mediocrity as a restaurant manager. These days, his primary concern is to look after his college-aged sister. But after a nearly fatal encounter with a demonic creature, and an injury that can only be erased by a soul-binding promise, the siblings are thrust into a world of myths and legends. Soon they become entwined with the archangel Raphael, and Greek gods Hephaestus and Aphrodite, to save human and heavenly realms from the unexpected new threat. (Modern Fantasy, 89,000 words, in progress)
  • “The Shadow of Saturn” – In her third year of college, a struggling chemistry major gets accepted into NASA’s most prestigious internship. Throughout the enlightening and difficult summer, she discovers friends and mentors, hope and disappointment, the underbelly of the space industry, and the darker sides of ambition (Coming of Age/New Adult/Memoir, in progress)

Short Stories

  • Goliath” –  Two weeks before a historic mission to Mars, Innovation Now reporter Sofia Morgan interviews the woman behind it all – Cameron Nole, founder and CEO of Goliath Aerospace. Through their intimate and thoughtful interview, Sofia learns what motivates Nole, and wonders if the genius behind the curtain is careful enough with her ambition. (Speculative/Science-Fiction, 3000 words, complete)

3 thoughts on “Manuscripts

    • Thank you! I’m two scenes from finishing the fifth draft of “Paradisa”. Beta Round 2 will hopefully begin within the next month or so. I’ll be giving a call for betas soon if you’re interested :)

      As for “Wake”, I renamed it “Figments” shortly before starting it. I got about 7000 words in during NaNoWriMo but wasn’t feeling it. I want to return to the project eventually, but it wasn’t ready to be written at the time. Trying to write “Figments” felt like trying to learn how to perform Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” after only one drumming lesson. It’s beyond my abilities, for now.

      “Goliath” is done, and I ought to start submitting it places. Perhaps I should give it a glance and see if I’m still happy with it.

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