1 Beta Down, 6 To Go

Big shout out to my friend Greg for being the first person to finish Paradisa. He’s been very encouraging and I look forward to meeting up with him on Monday, where we’ll discuss the book in greater length. Hopefully he’ll lend his fantastic imagination and frank nature to the critique.

This weekend, I’m recovering from a shoulder injury and hanging out with Alyssa, who is in town until Monday. The shoulder injury has kept me down for about two weeks, but one trip to the chiropractor put me in good form again. One bad side effect of being a writer is how badly a laptop will screw up your spine. I’m trying to use my writing desk more instead of writing in bed (bad habit!). My x-rays were scary, guys. If you jut out your neck as far as it can go, that’s pretty much my resting posture. It’s going to take a very long time to fix, but at least the misalignment beneath my shoulder blade, which was causing me massive pain, has been resolved.

I’m also polishing up Goliath to submit to Athena’s Daughters II. I need to have that sent off by Monday night. It’s almost complete, but I need to do a few rereads and detailed edits.

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