I was Nommed For The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Thanks to Grady P. Brown for nominating me for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award!”. This is the first time I’ve ever been given something like this on WordPress.

Three things that have inspired me this week:

1.) My boyfriend Austin. He gave me a tiny nugget of an idea for how to shake up the plot of Paradisa. I’m running with it! It cleans up so many of the problems with the antagonists and world-building. Even though my next draft will require some massive rewrites, I’m excited to see the end product.

Also, he just moved in with me this weekend and he’s already fixed my garbage disposal. Nothing is more inspiring than having someone else take care of your to-do list :P

2.) Mythology books. There are two in particular, but I’ve held The Encylopedia of World Mythology close this week.  It’s got over 1000 entries! I’m leafing through it and taking note of the coolest gods, and I may incorporate them into sequels or my next draft of Book One.

3.) Chuck. Austin and I are doing a rewatch of this beloved TV show. We’re almost through with season one. I’m realizing that my protagonist Connor is a lot like Chuck, and perhaps giving him some of Chuck’s charming traits will make him more likeable.

I nominate the following bloggers (under the cut). Check it out. You might be one of them :)

1.) Millie Ho

2.) Fish of Gold

3.) Nanna Writes

4.) Plato Shrugs

5.) No Wasted Ink

6.) Sick and Sick of It

7.) The Domestic Man

8.) Raven Apotheosis

9.) H.K. Rowe

10.) Childfree Voices


1.) The nominee shall display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo on his/her blog they got nominated from.

2.) The nominee shall nominate up to fifteen (15) bloggers he/she admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.

3.) Write three things that inspired you the most this week.

One thought on “I was Nommed For The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

  1. Thanks for the nomination, Michelle! Ha, definitely nothing like having somebody else take care of your to-do list. I second #2 about mythology books, though I was leafing through an encyclopedia of astrology instead. The book explored famous people throughout history (politicians, musicians, scientists, actors, etc) and their most significant relationships, and it’s been good fodder for writing character dynamics.

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