AetherHouse’s Year In Review: Television in 2014

Hey guys! Still alive, still trying to finish my draft of Paradisa before the new year, and still busy in about every way! But I’m here with another year-in-review post. About three weeks ago, I did one about movies. This is my slightly shorter take on television, as I do not watch a lot of TV. And this time, I didn’t bother with pictures. And not all of these shows are even from 2014. But hey, some of them are new to me!

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AetherHouse’s Year In Review: The Movies of 2014

It’s time for the lists! Yes, I know we’ve got a few weeks left in this month, and a few more movies I plan to see (The Hobbit conclusion, Exodus: Gods and Kings, and possibly Night At The Museum 3), but I’m doing this list anyway. I have a feeling that none of those three movies, except perhaps Exodus if it’s really stellar, would make any of these categories anyway. So here goes!

1. All of these are movies I’ve seen from start to finish. So you won’t see me bashing Transformers or Ninja Turtles, as I didn’t bother forking over money for those. On the flipside, you may believe that an art film like Boyhood was the best movie of the year, but I don’t tend to see movies like that in theaters. Most of these are blockbuster “big” movies. I’m a pretty mainstream person.

2. I have both “best” movie and “favorite” movie in here for a reason. My favorite movie is one I simply adored watching. The “best” film is one that’s good on a technical level: a well-written story, well-acted and well-told. My favorite movie will not win an Oscar, but I think the “best” movie ought to.

Legho! Also, mild spoilers!

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