I’m alivvvvvve!

I have a confession – I write my posts at work a lot, if not all the time. And work has been busy. Hence, why I have not kept this WordPress going in recent weeks. I’ve been a bad net-friend, not even keeping up with my reader much.

But hopefully that will calm down soon! Or at least, eventually! Work is just hectic as we’re trying to tie up some loose ends before the new year. When the next quarter begins in January, I hope to start some new projects and have steadier days.

Congrats to everyone who won NaNoWriMo yesterday! I hope your goodies are super nice this year. As you know, I ditched it around the 7000 word mark and went back to work on Paradisa. I’m proud to say that I’ve put quite a bit of work into Paradisa over the past couple days, and I feel like my momentum is building back. Just in time for life to get really hectic, eh? :P Listening to music has helped inspire me a lot this time around. Battle sequences are the hardest thing to write, and I’m currently doing a full rewrite of my Act II battle/seige….but the new stuff is pretty sick and has a very obvious “flow” to it. It’s not just action/fighting, it’s characters navigating their plotlines through a battle, so I have a lot more to say about it. The words come more easily. Figuring out fifteen inventive ways to say “she swung a sword” is hard, but this particular part hasn’t been….that.

Anyway, link me to any of your posts I may have missed! Like I said, I’ve been crappy at commenting this past week in addition to neglecting my own blog. And hopefully, I’ll be around more this month! I have a few “favs of 2014” list I plan on throwing together, if nothing else.