Random Updates + Gamora Cosplay Progress Volume 1

Random project update post! Because I’ve been super slack this week! Really, it’s just been a bizarre week. I can’t wait for next Monday, when I can start from scratch and get stuff going again.

  • The NaNo Outline: Going really well. I’ve done some decent work on my protagonist, getting her personality and past shaped out. I’ve decided on a tone/narration style. I have the first three chapters fully outlined, although I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock. But at this rate, I should definitely have an outline done before November 1st. Outlining this novel from a scene-by-scene perspective goes pretty fast, and I believe my word count will be swift to achieve because of the conversational style. It’s just the “meaning” of it all that will take some refining. Altogether, I feel this is going to be a quick write/revision. Paradisa juggles five main characters, a ton of new settings, world-building mechanics, and just….a lot of exposition plot stuff that requires constant rewrites. Wake is a straightforward book. Perhaps not for the reader, but for me as a writer.
  • Paradisa: I did finish my revision/rewrite of Chapter Nine this week, which puts me almost halfway through the Draft Five revision. I’ve become more ‘used’ to my new work schedule, and I also have a shorter commute because some construction stuff has cleared up. So I’m making more time for writing, and I’m pushing past those roadblocks. Talking to Dad on his birthday (Tuesday) helped inspire me too, because it gave me someone to talk to about the book. Talking about my revisions really excited me about this project again.
  • Gingerbread House: Oy, I am really not sure this is gonna happen this year. Maybe I should alternate cosplay and gingerbread every October. This year is cosplay, next year can be gingerbread, yeah?
  • Speaking of  Cosplay: I have some in-progress pics of my Gamora costume. It’s still in the early stages, but anyone looking for a tutorial might benefit from it. Pics and details are under the cut!

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