Fanfiction – Or, How I Learned To Write

Fanfiction gets a bad reputation from many, including George R.R. Martin and my own dad. They dismiss it as “lazy. ” As in “go write your own stories you punk kid!”

Let me tell you, there is nothing lazy about writing three 100k+ word novels. And that is exactly what I did when I was in Heroes fandom in high school, along with ~25 short stories, and 5  novellas. I clocked in probably 600,000 words in the span of three years.  And you can bet I became a better writer for it.

No, I did not learn how to create believable original characters, but I did learn how to write realistic speech. I learned how to take some deep, meta looks at the psyches of fictional people, and how to write arcs of growth, and how to create chemistry between characters.

True,  I didn’t learn how to world build….but I learned how to plot.  Writing fanfic is how I designed methods for outlining my books. It taught me to research topics I was unfamiliar with.

Stylistically, I was in peak shape at age 17. I could write anything at the drop of a hat because I knew my voice that well. This is partly because I was exercising my author muscles, but also because I read so much fanfic.  I read for hours every day and I guarantee that had an effect.  I stopped reading and writing fiction in college, and my style has suffered for it.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be as good as I was at 17.

I should mention that I did not start writing with fanfic.  I had several original works-in-progress from ages 6-14, including two completed screenplays and one completed book (called The Flying Chameleon Club. It did not actually involve flying chameleons). But for the most part, I hardly got past Chapter Two on any WIP because I had no clue how to outline. Fanfic did not spark my interest in writing, but it taught me HOW to write, and how to actually finish books.

In writing Paradisa and The Shadow of Saturn, which were my first original projects since I was 14 and the first writing I’d done in 3 years, I did realize things fanfic didn’t teach. Creating my own sandbox is hard, for one.  Editing for querying is also much more involved than editing for the free fanfics I was posting online. But if I didn’t have those half million words of fanfic between my childhood and now, I would probably be on the same path of unfinished WIPs, nonsensical plots, and hair-pulling. And I would be so lost with the whole process that I’d probably give up over and over again.

So thank you, fanfiction :* You made me the opposite of lazy – a person who has finished novels instead of someone who wants to write them “someday.” ^_^

Now what?

One of the hardest things to do during “beta month” is figuring out what to do with my free time. I’ve spent every free moment since November pouring effort into Paradisa. Writing Goliath was a nice thing to pick up once my novel went into beta, but that’s done too.

So now what?

Although I plan to write two more books in the Paradisa world, I have resolved that my next book will not be for Paradisa. No use writing those sequels until the first book has publishing promise. Additionally, I’d like to stretch my range by doing a different sort of story entirely. I am torn between two ideas for my next novel – one is a magical realism ‘dramedy’ a la Night At The Museum or Stranger Than Fiction. The other is a dark work of metafiction that’s basically Black Swan meets the NYC interactive play Sleep No More.

I’ve also got a half-finished fictionalized memoir called The Shadow of Saturn, which is about my time at NASA. If I ever finish that one, I’ll probably just self-publish.

Maybe I could tinker with more short stories and submit to various fiction mags. It would be nice to have a publishing credit or two!

There is, of course, the possibility that I could do a film project instead. But since I’m hoarding money for a down payment on a house,  and LASIK too, my purchase of a Black Magic Cinema Camera will have to wait. And thus, any cinematic ventures that come with it.

At this point, all I know is that it’s going to be a very creative year….and hopefully I’ll have another novel by December 31st to show for it.