Follow Friday: @AtomaCon!

Today is a pretty special Follow Friday, because I’m asking you to follow my mom. She runs the AtomaCon blog, which offers frequent updates about our joint sci-fi/media convention! Mom and I co-founded AtomaCon together (and I named it :P), along with an artist named James Christopher Hill, in 2013. So I hope you consider attending our convention in Charleston this November :) It will be our second year, and we’re introducing tabletop gaming, a film festival, and fringe science programming this go around. You can follow the blog via email.

I have had no time to write this week. Part of it is getting used to the new sleep schedule from a “when am I gonna write” point of view. Partly, it’s because I’ve felt like crap in the evenings. I don’t know if I picked up something during my Dallas trip or if my body is rebelling against my new schedule. But I’ve been crashing into bed at 9:30 or 10:00 every night because I’ve felt too nauseated and achy to stay up. On top of that, I’ve made new friends in the local tabletop culture this week, so I gamed last night and will tonight as well.

Alas, the weekend is coming up though. I’m going to refocus on my book and get at least one or two chapters knocked out. Just a bit more effort and I’ll be halfway through this revision!