Indie Mocap is live!

Usually, I post my weekly updates on Monday. Turns out, last week was not very interesting. But what IS interesting is that one of my pet projects has finally come to fruition!

Indie MoCap is officially live, and you can visit/comment/share anything on the site. It is meant to be a resource, community, and news engine for independent practitioners of performance capture art. This includes filmmakers, game developers, animators, tech startups, engineers, and more. Motion capture technology is on the cusp of becoming affordable for all projects – both low-budget and blockbuster – and Indie MoCap is here to guide you with tutorials, news, and a centralized hub of likeminded people.

We’re also giving away a set of 6 PlayStation Eye cameras, for those of you who want to kickstart your own home mocap studio! You can enter that here.

Cheers to all your support, WordPress friends. I’ll see you later this week or the next.


Productivity Progress Report Week #3 – Back On Track

After last week’s lapse in effort, I had to make up ground. I’m glad to say things went easier than I thought they would, and that Monday was my only difficult day. Sometimes your will is willing, but the body makes it hard. At least my body waited until Friday night to give me crippling sciatic nerve pain in my foot…which kept me from doing all the fun social things I’d planned (and already paid for) for Friday evening, but didn’t interfere with any of my projects.

But the beat goes on. This week, body willing, I’m going to keep the momentum and finish February strong!

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