Embracing Your Cinematic Brain (my guest vlog on Word Nerds!)

Hey guys! This week I was invited to guest vlog on the YouTube channel Word Nerds. I decided to talk a bit about my cinematic writing style and how I fluctuated between hating it and embracing it. At the end of the day, I just love stories, and I’m open to the myriad of ways in which they’re told. Check it out below!

Short Film Update – We Need More Votes!

Your support has given Devil’s Advocate some awesome stats so far for #MyRodeReel. Here’s how we currently rank by votes:

  • OVERALL: #240 out of 1222 films (top 20%!)
  • SCIENCE FICTION: #33 out of 133 films (top 25%!)
  • FEMALE FILMMAKER: #23 out of 145 films (top 16%)
  • HORROR: #41 out of 208 films (top 20%!)

If we are in the Top 16 of any category, we will end up on the front page for that category. That would give us a lot more exposure and possibly more votes from strangers outside our personal networks :D So please visit this link to Devil’s Advocate at My Rode Reel 2016. You can vote with every Gmail address you’ve got, with your Facebook, and by making a RODE account. And then share it with everyone you know who likes horror, film, or women being filmmakers!

We probably aren’t going to make it to #1, but I know we can make it to the front page in at least one category. \o/ Additionally, the winner announcements start on June 29. We can vote all the way up to July 4th, I believe. Help make it happen for us, WP world!

First Look: “Devil’s Advocate”

The film is shot, the footage is in virtual chunks across my editing suite, and it looks like I will meet my Friday/Saturday self-imposed deadline. Huzzah! But while I finish editing my first short film, I thought I’d show off a few stills to warm you up during the wait :D


Special thanks to my incredible cast and crew for making this happen! Particularly my actors Kathleen O’Shaughnessy and Michael Daly, and my lighting guy Ahren Ciotti who is basically a lighting god and is about 95% responsible for these shots looking so pro ^_^

For any of you film geeks out there, we did this on the Canon 70D with both the native 18-50mm lens and a “nifty 50” macro lens. It’s incredible what cameras that cost under $1000 can do these days. I’ll be posting a “behind the scenes” featurette along with the film, as is required by the contest, so you’ll see more about how we did it then. Have a great day!



My Productivity Schedule…and YOU!

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, she explains that ideas are alive and we are merely their hosts. When an artist abandons an idea for too long, the idea moves onto someone else like a virus. Agreeing to work with an idea in order to manifest it? That’s inspiration.

Perhaps it is because I believe this so strongly, and have always believed this — Gilbert just put it in to words I never could – that I like to juggle multiple balls. I love all the ideas that wish to use me as their host, and I fear they may crawl away forever if I abandon them too long. However, I also know that spreading myself thin results in nothing finished.

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