Throwback Thursday #4 – “The Chronicler”

You know the influx of YA books involving gods, superpowers, and fallen angels which have emerged in the past 5-8 years? Well I thought of it first, darn it!

Just kidding. A little.

When I was 11, I worked on a book called The Chronicler. This story followed five teenagers with X-Men-like nicknames – Tempus, Striker, Soyuz, Spark, Marina – who had powers granted from “the gods.” Long long ago, the various pantheons bestowed their elemental abilities upon humans, and descendents of those humans could also manifest those abilities. Tempus had Chronos’s Gift, or the ability to stop time. Spark had Hephaestus’s gift, or fire. Marina had Posieden’s gift of water, Soyuz had Hermes’ gift of flight, and Striker had two gifts – both Hades and Zeus, light and death.

The kids start in their ordinary worlds before they’re abducted to Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters  Hogwarts  a school led by women named Bakira (Bast’s gift of shapeshifting into a cat) and Leslie (a genius with Athena’s gift of wisdom). The “chronicler” was a stone slab with marbles which allowed Leslie and Bakira to find mutants kids with pantheon abilities. Basically Cerebro.

It was a fun book to write. I got about four chapters in before some other projects distracted me, then I never returned to it. It’s obviously too derivative of X-Men, and when Percy Jackson and some other “powers from the gods” books cropped up, I shelfed it forever.

I did finish an Artemis Fowl trilogy of fanfics around that time with a similar premise, though. No, I will not link those. They are really really bad!
Note: I drafted this on Thursday but never ended up posting it. Oops! Belated TBTH!