Follow Friday: Thomas Reich! + More Gamora Cosplay Progress

Thomas Reich is an eloquent and kind dude who I met just this week. He’s participating in NaNoWriMo this year and he’s determined to follow his dreams of writing! Go give him some love.

I have 24 HOURS to finish my Gamora cosplay for tomorrow’s Geek Gala in Charlotte. 24 HOURS, PEOPLE. IT IS NOT DONE. CAN I DO IT? I DON’T KNOW. BUT HERE’S SOME PICS.

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Random Updates + Gamora Cosplay Progress Volume 1

Random project update post! Because I’ve been super slack this week! Really, it’s just been a bizarre week. I can’t wait for next Monday, when I can start from scratch and get stuff going again.

  • The NaNo Outline: Going really well. I’ve done some decent work on my protagonist, getting her personality and past shaped out. I’ve decided on a tone/narration style. I have the first three chapters fully outlined, although I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock. But at this rate, I should definitely have an outline done before November 1st. Outlining this novel from a scene-by-scene perspective goes pretty fast, and I believe my word count will be swift to achieve because of the conversational style. It’s just the “meaning” of it all that will take some refining. Altogether, I feel this is going to be a quick write/revision. Paradisa juggles five main characters, a ton of new settings, world-building mechanics, and just….a lot of exposition plot stuff that requires constant rewrites. Wake is a straightforward book. Perhaps not for the reader, but for me as a writer.
  • Paradisa: I did finish my revision/rewrite of Chapter Nine this week, which puts me almost halfway through the Draft Five revision. I’ve become more ‘used’ to my new work schedule, and I also have a shorter commute because some construction stuff has cleared up. So I’m making more time for writing, and I’m pushing past those roadblocks. Talking to Dad on his birthday (Tuesday) helped inspire me too, because it gave me someone to talk to about the book. Talking about my revisions really excited me about this project again.
  • Gingerbread House: Oy, I am really not sure this is gonna happen this year. Maybe I should alternate cosplay and gingerbread every October. This year is cosplay, next year can be gingerbread, yeah?
  • Speaking of  Cosplay: I have some in-progress pics of my Gamora costume. It’s still in the early stages, but anyone looking for a tutorial might benefit from it. Pics and details are under the cut!

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Anything But Writing

I don’t feel like I’ll write much in October.

I need to. I need to finish my edit of Paradisa before Halloween and I need to build an outline for my NaNoWriMo novel Wake (the summary for that novel is now up on my Manuscripts page, btw).

But I’ve got two other things pulling away at my attention. Two other creative projects with actual deadlines.

1. The Gamora Costume

I don’t always cosplay….but when I do, it’s ridiculous.  My first and previous endeavor was Sweet Pea’s leather/suede riveted topstiched jacket of nightmares from Sucker Punch. Grandma was almost entirely responsible for getting that one completed in 4 weeks. But this time, I want to do it myself. I want to take on a good project, a complex project, that is still within my skills.

I adored Guardians of The Galaxy. And as much as I’ve said “I’ll never do body paint,” I can’t resist Gamora’s BAMF assembly.

Step one: Be green.

Seems legit.

I’m attending two conventions this autumn – the Geek Gala in Charlotte on October 25th, and my own convention AtomaCon in Charleston on November 14-16th. Halloween is coming up too, so I’ll have three chances to wear this costume. I’ve already ordered most of the supplies – at least for the actual costume. I’m not putting 100% faith in myself yet, so no accessory supplies for now – and UPS is hurtling them towards me as we speak. Hopefully it’ll all be good. It’s hard to distinguish colors, textures, and fabric types from online pictures.

Anyway, most of my work will be altering pre-made materials, like pleather leggings. None of the fabrics should be too difficult for my sewing machine. I will be using Worbla for the first time, but I’ve heard it’s a pretty straightforward compound to work with. The hardest part may be silk printing the details, but I haven’t decided if I’ll be going that route. Silk printing is complex and expensive. I may handpaint the details instead.

Still, it’s going to take time. I will be working on this costume for most of my weekends and a lot of my weeknights through October 23rd.

2. The Chinese Theater Gingerbread House

Every year, James Island Festival of Lights has an open call for gingerbread houses. I participated in this as a child and won several times. The prizes are summer passes to the water park, which is useful. But I always had a dream of submitting a Mann’s Chinese Theater gingerbread house to James Island, and that goal never manifested.

So this is the year. If it turns out super well, I may even drive 4 hours to Asheville and submit it to the National Gingerbread House contest (hey, I could win $5000!). This is taking a back-burner to my Gamora costume, and it may take a back-burner to my writing, but I hope that I have enough free time to pull it together. Gingerbread houses are almost as expensive as cosplay is. Not much is going into savings this month, I’m afraid!

On top of all that, my interest in drumming has picked up some too, especially as Austin becomes more proficient on the viola. But I’m putting my foot down. Becoming a rock star can wait. At least starting back November 1st, I’ve got a novel to finish. Or two.