Follow Friday – Dena Rogers

Today’s Follow Friday features a big-hearted romance writer named Dena Rogers. She’s a Southern gal like me, and she’s promoting her new book Drive Me Sane, which was published through Crimson Romance. Go check her out!

Oh Pressworld, I have been a bad writer lately. I’m really trying to finish my Chuck rewatch, since I only have one season to go. But since I’m trying to actually pay attention to Chuck (my first go-round with the series, in high school, I was usually doing homework during it), I can’t write during it. I can’t focus my attention on two things at once like that.

So, hopefully I’ll knock out the rest of Chuck this weekend, which will leave me with nothing better to do than write. At least I finished the dreaded chapter seven this week, and I’ve begun chapter eight. Ugh, action sequences…which reminds me that I totally forgot to write that post on action sequences I was going to do Tuesday. Guess it’ll wait til Monday!