Happy Birthday, Blog! (and #CharlestonStrong)

I can hardly believe it, but Aether House is officially 1 year old today. Last summer, I started blogging regularly about writing philosophy, my process, my projects….and while I’ve slowed down considerably since, I’m still incredibly grateful to have met each of you between June 25, 2014 and  today. Thank you for taking an interest in my little corner of the internet! As always, I hope to be blog productive soon, maybe even get into a once-a-week schedule, but it will just depend on what comes to mind. I only blog when I have something necessary to say.

And today, I do.  I was going to mention something about the Mother Emmanuel shootings last week, as I’m a Charleston local and it’s really rocked the community for the past week. But I didn’t know what to say – I’m surprised anyone did. I’m pretty sure I’d met one of the victims, Cynthia Hurd, at some point during my time at College of Charleston. One of the other victims, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, was a coach at the high school across the street from me. I know that one of them was also a sister-in-law of my coworker. It’s really sobering to be so close to this. Senator Tim Scott is a friend of my boyfriend’s family, and to see him break down into tears in front of the Senate….I really just wanted to give him a hug.

I’m very proud of my city, and my state, for how they’ve handled the aftermath. There have been a few outsiders trying to rile things up, the Westboro Baptist Church is going to supposedly start something tomorrow, and I think there has been a bit too much focus on the Confederate Flag stuff (within five days of the shooting, our representatives all unanimously agreed to take it down. Not sure the last time government worked that fast. Their response was swift and appropriate, what else is there to beat the a horse about, you know?). But the vast majority of people have been respectful and unified. Charleston is a beautiful city because it combines the most wonderful parts of the South – our sense of family, our good manners, our shared traditions – while merging the more progressive culture of the North. We are not cold and angry towards the injustice, but we are aware of it. I think most people in this town want to work together peacefully and thoughtfully against it.

Tomorrow is going to be pretty nuts though, because the President is going to be in town for Reverend Pinckney’s funeral. I feel a bit sorry for Pinckney’s family, as I worry that most people will show up to the TD Arena to see the President speak rather than to pay their respects to the deceased. :/

Please, if you wish to donate to the Emmanuel AME church and the families of this heinous tragedy, click here for the contact info for charities you can support.