Very Inspiring Blogger Award – From AxelRider

A few weeks ago, Axel Rider nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Since I do want to get a post or two out this week, despite not really feeling like it (:P) I figured I’d give this a go.

Three things inspiring me this week:

1. Heavy Rain. Holy crap, I have fallen in love with this video game. If you own a PS3 and haven’t played it, STOP EVERYTHING AND BUY IT RIGHT NOW. HERE IS THE AMAZON LINK.

I just….ugggngh. I played the entire game in one sitting, if that tells you anything – and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I’ve actually formed a couple of side projects based on it now, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Bad because it has stolen my muse away from Paradisa a bit. But one of those side projects is a film/editing one, so it’s something different. I am excited about the editing challenge I’ve laid down for myself, which I will probably reveal in the coming weeks if it manifests into anything worth doing ;) Let’s just say, I would like to bring this amazing game to the masses who aren’t gamers, or who don’t own PS3s, in a way that is accessible and….cinematic.

2. Trailer music. Specifically the one used in the Insurgent trailer, and “I’d Love To Change The World” by Jetta. So epic. Really gets me in the mood to create.

3. My study. I finally cleaned the study this weekend! There is something very inspirational about a tidy desk with room for my laptop. I haven’t gotten up there to write yet this week, but I was aching for space to write when my study was a mess.

I think I’m supposed to nominate someone, but I’m a bit too busy to start throwing up links. So I ask you instead to comment with what inspires you :) Hopefully Heavy Rain doesn’t eat my brain too badly this week (I have a Madison/Norman fanfic that I want to write and AM TRYING SO HARD TO RESIST, BECAUSE PARADISA. And I feel like it would be a long fic. Ugggggggh) and I can finish up the final 7 or 8 scenes remaining in Draft Five!

The One Lovely Blog Award

Wow, I am getting a lot of these lately! Thanks to A.D. Martin, a blogger with much wit and entertainment value, for sacrificing me to the WordPress gods.

Seven facts about Michelle –

1. No matter how many times I try PopTarts, sweet potatoes, and Twizzlers, I still hate them all. I have tried, you guys. I have tried so many times. But my taste buds are like “nope.”

2. I have irrational loathing for people who leave their turn signal on after they’ve completed the turn. You know, those people who drive down the road with the thing still flashing, totally oblivious, and I’m in the next lane like “Get over! get overrrr! Oh wait, you just left the thing on? Maybe? Whatever dude. *zoom*” Equally, I loathe people who don’t use their turn signal at all, which seems to be pretty common in South Carolina.

(No one drives as poorly as people in Huntsville, Alabama though. They must not teach “yielding” in Huntsville Drivers Ed.)

3. I’m not really into pumpkin spice stuff.

4. I’m a film festival director/programming director/general cofounder of AtomaCon, which is Charleston’s first three-day sci-fi, pop culture, and gaming convention. My mom is the main founder/head honcho/one woman show. It’s in November, which is a great time to visit The Chuck! Buy tickets here.

5. I have a collection of Mickey Mouse plushies. I get one every time I go to Disney World. My collection is so big that it’s hard to find unique Mickeys when I go now.

6. I don’t eat ground beef. Hamburgers, tacos,  meatballs, meat sauces – nope. I’m a bad Italian, I guess. But the thought of it just makes me shudder. I think I had a really bad experience with puking ground beef as a child that may have subconsciously scarred me, although I’m surprised it didn’t scar my mother more.

7. I’ve been vocally childfree since I was 12 years old. I have never fathomed a desire to want kids, either by adoption, fostering, or natural birth. I don’t talk about this much on here, since I keep the focus on writing, but this really is an integral part of my identity. In the way that some people really enjoy investment banking or skydiving or joining the military, parenting can be life-changing and wonderful and fulfilling for some people – just not for me. First, I’m phobic of pregnancy to a visceral degree. Secondly, among a variety of mental illnesses, autoimmune disorders, and phenylketonuria – which I am a carrier for – that I’d be passing down, I’ve also talked before about how I kind of lack empathy.  My resentment for the life I’d lose would outweigh any love I could have for that kid, and that just….would not be good. So, I’m voluntarily removing myself from the gene pool, ha!

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My Nominees

How about everyone I nominated last week for the Liebster Award? Or anyone who wishes to do it? Fifteen seems rather excessive, after all.