The 777 Writer’s Challenge

I’ve been nominated by Wallace Cass to participate in The 777 Writer’s Challenge. The rules? Go to the 7th page of my WIP, find the 7th sentence on that page, and then paste the following 7 sentences into my blog post. And then select 7 other writers for the challenge. It sounded like quick fun, so I was game!

The 7 lines would have crossed a scene break, so I cheated a little. I went down and started this excerpt at the beginning of the second scene.

Connor sits alone in an examination room at the Clinique Hannibal hospital, his feet dangling off the edge of the metal bed. He’s been waiting so long that his toes have fallen asleep, but he doesn’t mind. If they’re not treating his minor injuries, maybe the staff is focused on Malik somewhere upstairs. Or Clara, who is about two doors down. As of now, all he’s waiting for are his x-rays, and then he’ll be free to check on the rest of his family.

He unfolds his palm and peels back the dressing on his burn. The mark left by that creature’s necklace looks old and crusted over, but still smarts like a fresh blister.

And the seven people I challenge? (If you choose to accept the challenge, you don’t have to make a new blog post if you don’t want to. You could just post your excerpt in the comments).

  1. H.K. Rowe
  2. Millie Ho
  3. Dena Rogers
  4. William Lloyd Jr.
  5. Thomas Reich
  6. L.S. Engler
  7. Brian K. Lowe

Speaking of Paradisa, I have found some amazing betas so far. Right now there are 9, with 1 pending, so I’m about full. But they include several military vets, several non-heteronormative people, a female engineer, a religious studies expert, and the ages range from 9 to 50 (my 9-year-old beta is “unofficial,” as one of my betas likes reading books aloud to his son and plans on doing the same with Paradisa). I actually find this group quite intimidating in their expertise, to be honest, and hope that I can have the book in top shape within the next three weeks. I find myself second guessing every other paragraph on my read-through now!

Alas, it’s good for me. If you’ve agreed to beta for me, thank you so much for taking an interest in me and my book. I hope this is the beginning of a really great collaboration. Cheers!