Better Luck Next Year

Well, the awards (or, most of them) are out for My Rode Reel, and sadly my film did not win or final in any of them. It was a tough contest, and the winners were definitely well deserved. Many of them had far more impressive gear kits, larger crews, and more experience, so it was hard to compete with that.

Still, for a film produced in 16 days from concept to final edit, with a budget of $0, I think we did a pretty good job :) The actors were awesome, Ahren Ciotti is a lighting god, Kristin and Austin were super helpful as my other crew members, and my friends were kind enough to come over and be extras. It’s nice to officially have a film under my belt – something that I can show people and say LOOK. I MADE THAT. I AM OFFICIALLY A FILMMAKER NOW! That’s a pretty big deal for me, as I’ve felt for a long time that I was just a filmmaker in spirit only. But it’s tangible now. I have a film. My career has officially begun! \o/

Thanks to all your support these past few weeks. The People’s Choice awards are still open, so you can still go vote if you’d like. We are ranked pretty far behind the leaders, and it’s a long shot that we would get up there, but hey – miracles happen :P

This isn’t the end for Devil’s Advocate, as I will submit it to a few horror film festivals in my region and see what happens! I also have some really ambitious plans for the contest next year too. But you’ll have to wait until March to see those ;D

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