Game of Thrones – Was My Prediction Score Right?

The Winds of Winter came, and holy cow, what a season! I definitely think Season 6 surpassed Season 5 in many ways, particularly with those epic final episodes. Beware of massive spoilers for last night’s episode below, along with spoilers for all of season 6, as I discuss my prediction scorecard from the first episode.

Incorrect Plot Predictions :(

  • Cleganebowl! – Sadly, Cleganebowl did not happen. But it still COULD. I mean, I was right about the Hound returning. And the Mountain is still alive. I’m watching you, Season 7. #CleganebowlLives #IWantToBelieve
  • Jorah loses an arm – Nope. He just got written off the show. Maybe he’ll meet up with Gendry now.
  • Daario is a sneaky traitor: Kinda disappointed that this didn’t happen. We have a rather large plot hole now. Who was actually leading the Sons of the Harpy? Was it just those old masters who Greyworm ended up killing? That’s pretty anticlimactic.

Correct Plot Predictions!

  • A Battle For Winterfell: All went according to my expectations here. The only thing I was off about was the possibility of the Greyjoys joining the fight. But I absolutely expected Littlefinger’s involvement. Didn’t make it any less epic.
  • Jon Snow lives: Of course he did! And I predicted that Melisandre would do it.
  • Lannisters try for revenge. Success undetermined: The Lannisters did attempt revenge. I wasn’t sure if they would succeed, but they absolutely did. Although perhaps I should just say Cersei. Jamie doesn’t look too happy with her.
  • Dany sails for Westeros: I knew at the beginning that this had to be the last shot of the season. And lo, was this an epic one!
  • Arya ditches the Faceless Men and returns to Westeros: Yup! And thank GOD.
  • Greyjoys to the rescue: Indeed, they joined up with Dany and donated their fleet to her cause. I was not anticipating the plotline with Euron Greyjoy though. I suspect Euron may team up with Cersei next season. Cersei is going to need all the allies she can get, and there aren’t many other antagonists left for Dany’s crew.
  • Dorne plans rebellion: They did more than plan. They’re with Dany now!
  • R+L = J confirmed: Well, L = J anyway. Although I’m pretty sure we all know who the dad must be.
  • Return of Bran: As expected, Bran returned and was a plot device for flashbacks.

Incorrectly Predicted Deaths

  • Jamie and/or Cersei – These two have a bit more plot armor than I expected. Really, it kind of makes sense though. At this point, the Lannisters are the only real bad guys left. If we killed them off, who would fight Dany for the crown? Basically no one, except maybe the Tyrells if Margaery was the mass manipulator instead of Cersei.
  • Melisandre – Davos came very close to getting her executed last night, but the red witch lives on.

Correctly Predicted Deaths

  • Tommen – Wasn’t predicting suicide, but we knew this was inevitably. And judging by Cersei’s cold cruelty, so did she.
  • Margaery and Loras – I kinda figured they had no more use to the plot, although mid-season I started to wonder if Marg was going to get pregnant and she would fight Dany over her child’s right to the throne. I’m sad to see Natalie Dormer go though.
  • Ramsey – FINALLY. Of course, his death went very different than I imagined. I thought Roose Bolton would send him to die. I didn’t think the show would go quite as fanservicy as having Sansa kill him with his dogs.
  • Roose Bolton – Again, not the way I anticipated. It seems that Ramsey saw exactly what I saw – that Roose didn’t care about him – and took out his father before our mutual prediction could pass.
  • Walder Frey – This was my wild card pick, and in the eleventh hour? Boom! Bye bye, Filch! Hello, Arya!

Other stuff I didn’t see coming

  • Hodor’s death/origin story. Hold the door to my heart :(
  • Time travel?! Yeah. And it might have been the Three Eyed Raven who projected into the past and warned the Mad King about the White Walkers, prompting Aerys to go mad and mutter “Burn them all.” And Cersei used the wildfire he stockpiled to kill her enemies instead of saving it for the Walkers. Great.
  • Lyanna Mormont’s House of Awesome. No one expects a BAMF 10 year old girl!
  • Maester Pycelle’s Death. I’m not broken up about it, but the dude has been with the show since season one.
  • Sam and Gilly. They weren’t around much, but they did manage to steal a Valyrian sword from Sam’s father, and make it to the Citadel. I do wonder where this plotline is going, but it probably isn’t for Sam to actually become Maester of the Night’s Watch. I mean,  Jon isn’t even Lord Commander anymore, and it takes years and years to become a Maester. There are only 14 episodes left in the series. Surely, Sam is just meant to find something in that library that can help Jon defeat the Walkers.
  • A lot of other side characters dying, including Trystane and Oberyn Martell, Balon Greyjoy, Rickon, Osha, Walda Frey and Baby Bolton. Some were never going to make it out of the show alive, but did have a bit of shock value

And now the long wait begins until next April. In which we will only have 6-7 episodes to quench our GOT thirst. UGH.

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