Donate to Equality Orlando and get a query critique

I’m sure you’ve heard about the abysmal news from Orlando this weekend, in which the largest mass shooting in American history occurred at a gay night club. Over 100 people were killed or injured in the attack, and thousands are lining up to donate blood for those injured. In addition to donating blood, you can also donate to Equality Orlando, which will offset costs for the victims and families of the deceased.

You should donate anyway, but YA writer Phil Stamper is offering an extra donation incentive for writers. If you prove you’ve donated at least $5, Phil will provide a query critique within a week. The very popular #PitchWars contest is coming up, and Phil will help you get your query polished for the competition.

Since I’m in the query building stage, and I wanted to do my part in contributing to the Orlando relief efforts, I participated. If you have a query, even a rough one, I recommend you participate as well! Also of interest, Phil also offers really competitive editorial rates on his site in general. You can get a full developmental edit of your manuscript for only $400! He is an agented writer and the mod of a YA writers subreddit, so I think he will be a reliable source of information.

Let’s unite to fight hate, guys. Even if you don’t have a query, I hope you donate and spread the word.

3 thoughts on “Donate to Equality Orlando and get a query critique

  1. It’s awesome that you’re querying and giving back to the community at the same time! You’ll have to post an update to let us know how your query process goes.

    And if you want more feedback on a query pitch, let me know! I’m no professional, but I’ve been trying to help my sister-in-law with her YA novel query and like the idea of helping out other aspiring authors :)

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