My first publication is live!

In all the hubbub of my first film release this weekend (and you should VOTE! FLY MY PRETTIES, FLY :D), I forgot to mention that my first publication went live yesterday too!

The cool thing about Liquid Imagination is that they provide an illustration with every work. It was interesting to have someone conceptualize art based on the poem I wrote. I think Sue nailed it.

Check out my work, and everyone elses’s, here at Liquid Imagination.

(and if you listen to the narration, don’t tell me – I do not like my voice and I don’t know how to read poems lol).

4 thoughts on “My first publication is live!

      • It’s that low sexy voice of mine isn’t it? *snort*

        I actually wrote this piece during college during what I imagine was a very lonely and anonymous time. It’s odd – I never could have written it in my current state of mind so I’m glad I held onto it.

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