My short film is here! Vote for it in #MyRodeReel!

I’m extremely proud to present my finished short film, Devil’s Advocate for the My Rode Reel contest. Devil’s Advocate is about a skeptic whose doubt is put to the test when a ghost hunter claims to have a recording of the devil’s voice.  I was really inspired by cerebral horror like in Night Gallery and Ray Bradbury Theater instead of heavy slasher/monster tropes for this one. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

I’ve embedded it below, along with the behind the scenes video, where I chat a bit about the production process and the roles for women in film.

The film had to be shot with a Rode microphone product, come in at under 3 minutes, and include a 3 minute behind the scenes video. Please check out the link below and VOTE! They’re giving away a People’s Choice award in addition to the Judges’ picks, so it can’t hurt. :) All you have to do is sign in with Facebook or Google + and hit the Vote button. It takes five seconds and could make a world of difference for me and my crew :D :D And if you want to go the extra mile, please SHARE via Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress.

Click here to vote. 

Thanks for all your moral support guys!

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