First Look: “Devil’s Advocate”

The film is shot, the footage is in virtual chunks across my editing suite, and it looks like I will meet my Friday/Saturday self-imposed deadline. Huzzah! But while I finish editing my first short film, I thought I’d show off a few stills to warm you up during the wait :D


Special thanks to my incredible cast and crew for making this happen! Particularly my actors Kathleen O’Shaughnessy and Michael Daly, and my lighting guy Ahren Ciotti who is basically a lighting god and is about 95% responsible for these shots looking so pro ^_^

For any of you film geeks out there, we did this on the Canon 70D with both the native 18-50mm lens and a “nifty 50” macro lens. It’s incredible what cameras that cost under $1000 can do these days. I’ll be posting a “behind the scenes” featurette along with the film, as is required by the contest, so you’ll see more about how we did it then. Have a great day!



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