Achievement Unlocked: Published!

After several months of toiling and waiting, I have finally received excellent news. A cool publication (which I’ll leave unnamed for now, just in case there’s some kind of confidentiality  thing), has offered to publish a poem of mine!

As more of a fiction writer, I do find it a little humorous that my first ever publication will be a poem. But the poem they selected was pretty raw and a deep cut for me, and I feel like it represents me well. It might not be in a format I usually use, but it’s “me” through and through.

Plus, it’s a paying publication, which adds a little bonus. Even though the payment is small, the fact that someone is willing to pay me for my work gives a huge sense of validation. Particularly in a time where I’ve needed it most.

I’m going to have to add a “published credits” page to my blog now, aren’t I? ;D

Happy Star Wars Day/Hump Day!

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