The Week of the Fickle Muse


Well, Weasley isn’t wrong. As a writer, I was pretty terrible this past week, barely pushing out 2800 words of The Shadow of Saturn when I ought to have been at 10,000 by now. I also neglected a swathe of Paradisa edits, as I’ve just…not been that into fixing up that story lately.

On the upside, I unexpectedly spit out a flash piece to submit to Queer Sci-Fi (based in the Paradisa universe, so that’s something), and I also wrote 1000 words of something for the We Are Not This anthology. But when I wanted to write a kindle short or my Cecil B Demille story on Sunday, I was too busy playing catchup on other projects. So my writing was kind of spontaneous and my muse very fickle this week. I did write, but not what I needed to write. Bah!

As a business person, I’m fairing a little better. I ordered business cards, ya’ll. The North Charleston Business Expo is next week and I plan to make an appearance. Business cards will make me look pro ^_^ I also attended Starlite Gaming’s one year anniversary party with DSLR in hand and caught some nice footage for a short featurette. Once I edit that and get it up on YouTube, I will finally launch my website. And even better, I ran into another Canon DSLR user at Starlite. Austin and I then talked with him and his girlfriend for basically the next three hours. They even came over to our house afterward. Yay new friends!

I only missed one article (Thursday) on Indie MoCap, so I kept up with that pretty well. I’m also up to 150+ Twitter followers and I sent out my April newsletter.

I published my second Kindle short yesterday (finaaaaaally), and set up my author website/blog and twitter. This is my second penname, so still no backlist, but it’s in a totally different niche.

Then we have what occupied my time the most this week: art and animation. Wednesday was spent doing a laborious 3d-modeling/painting tutorial in Photoshop. Which was a bit unrelated, but helped me build some texturing skills. I also started building a Fallout laser rifle in 3Ds Max (again, a tutorial, and a rather beginner level one for modeling), and unpacking more of the resource files from Fallout 4. I’ve basically set up a time line to have a proof of concept ready by October to present to the fandom, and to have my “avengers assembled” by the end of the year. It will be grueling to finish 5 episodes in 12 months. But I would love to have this launched by fall of 2017. Or at least premiere the first 2 episodes on the con circuit from November to June, and then launch in summer 2018.

And finally, I finished reading Rollback and moved on to a book I got from Bookcase Club: Stone Rider, which is basically a YA Mad Max.

So, Ron Weasley: what are my priorities this week? Refocus on writing again, get Starlite’s featurette cut so I can launch my website, finish the laser modeling tut (but otherwise back off a bit on the animation stuff so I can focus on other things), and get at least one short story written of some kind. It can be for Kindle or an anthology. I don’t care which. See? I can work with a fickle muse :P

What are you working on this week, WordPress?

8 thoughts on “The Week of the Fickle Muse

  1. Everything is one bite at a time, isn’t it? And you’re eating from lots of different plates, so even if it’s small, every step forward on one of your projects is progress.

  2. Good progress! Do you have a sense of how the work you create unexpectedly compare to your more planned work? Speaking from personal experience, the ideas that come randomly are best when they’re reserved for shorter fiction, before they’ve had a chance to be sabotaged (by yours truly) and turned into something cookie cutter due to too much planning or editing. I’ve been trying to write longer fiction from random ideas, but am still figuring out the right balance of going with your gut vs. planning the story out.

    That said, it’s inspiring that you entertain your muse. I’ve been suppressing random ideas I get because I think it will throw me off track if I work on a totally unrelated project, but maybe switching it up will make me more productive.

    This week, I plan to write some flash fiction to submit to online magazines (been a while), along with working on my WIP. Maybe switch it up and draw a Sorrowbacon comic when my writing brain starts going numb. :P

    • My flash piece was difficult as I crammed an established universe into 300 words. But it was about on the same level with Paradisa as far as quality. The other fiction piece has captivating writing but it’s a mess structurally and I still haven’t really found the story. And honestly it may not get finished because of that. I find that indulging my muse tangents usually results in a few pretty sentences that never get finished or amount to a story. My attention wanders too long when I don’t have a plot to sink into.

      Still I indulge the muse because one day it may amount to something :)

  3. Despite your intro in this blog post you really did get a lot done, I think! You’re going to have to DM me on Twitter your second kindle story. Wheee! I wish I had half of your motivation. I’m so tired lately… lol.

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