Productivity Progress Report Week #3 – Back On Track

After last week’s lapse in effort, I had to make up ground. I’m glad to say things went easier than I thought they would, and that Monday was my only difficult day. Sometimes your will is willing, but the body makes it hard. At least my body waited until Friday night to give me crippling sciatic nerve pain in my foot…which kept me from doing all the fun social things I’d planned (and already paid for) for Friday evening, but didn’t interfere with any of my projects.

But the beat goes on. This week, body willing, I’m going to keep the momentum and finish February strong!


  • Kindle Short: Yesterday, I pushed out 3700 words and finished my WIP Kindle short. That sounds like a lot, but it was surprisingly effortless. Those writer muscles are coming back to me. Anyway, I’m full speed ahead to publish it this Friday! After 3 or 4 publications, I’ll try to make a post documenting the financial success (or failure) of this self-publishing thing. If nothing else, maybe this will get me used to writing short pieces.
  • Reading: I finally finished Secret of the Sands and read entirely through Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places. That’s three books down for the whole month, which is more than I’ve been able to say in a long time. I tried starting The Man In The High Castle but it was a little dense for pre-bed reading, so I’ll settle on something else tonight. Torn between a Robert J. Sawyer book and a nonfiction mythology book.
  • Submissions: I caught up on all my short story/poem subs for the month. I have now submitted 11 places, received 1 rejection, and 2 different pieces are in the “final round of consideration” at 2 different mags. Woo!
  • IndieMoCap website: The domain is transferred, the mailing list is up, the landing page is published, and behind the scenes I am working hard to launch this site in early March. If you’re at all interested in motion capture, game development, or animation, please visit and sign up for the mailing list or follow me on Twitter @indiemocap.
  • Videography website: My video business took a bit of a backseat to Indie MoCap this week, but I did work on my Squarespace website a decent amount. I picked a theme, got the logo looking nice, and added all the appropriate pages.
  • Editing Paradisa: Things are still coming along. Can I finish it all by March 31st?
  • Dead Air Webseries: It will take some extra effort on Wednesday, but I think I can finish Episode 4 this week.


  • The Shadow of Saturn First Draft: I made up all my ground on Wednesday, but I think I’m 4000 words behind again. When designing my March schedule, I may have to consolidate this project into Monday-Thursday, as I never seem to get to it on the weekends.
  • Side Hustles: I think I put about 2 hours into these this week and made about $10. There are worse things one can do on the couch! Ideally, I want to make about $25/week, but this is really low priority.
  • Indie MoCap Articles: I only wrote one, instead focusing my efforts web design, but it was a LONG article. Now that my landing page is up, I can start reaching out to people for interviews, which will hopefully give me some quick and easy content to finish the month with.


  • AusmAtari Retro YouTube Channel: Saturday was busy with the SC Primary voting and the Captain Comics Expo. Just didn’t have time for the YouTube filming this week.
  • Animation: I was out all Monday evening and never found the time to make this up. Life happens, I guess. Hopefully I’ll finish that character box modeling tutorial tonight.
  • The Con Runner’s Handbook Outline: *groan* I know, I know. I need to write up a Table of Contents and send it to some writers I’m interested in helping me. There’s still this Sunday?
  • Freelance Video and Writing: If I can get some profiles and a LinkedIn set up by the end of the month, along with my LLC paperwork filed, I’ll be happy at this point.

As I finish out this month, I’m looking more towards an overall picture of what I aimed to accomplish in February. Next Monday’s progress report will be a bit different, as I review how the month performed as a whole. I’ll also change up my schedule a little for March, based on how I’ve seen my productivity ebb and flow. Honestly, I am very surprised that I’ve succeeded as much as I have. I thought some of this was ludicrous and far too idealistic.

But I find that this workload is not terribly overwhelming. And it’s worth mentioning that, on top of these projects, I’ve

  • Seen two movies in theaters (and will probably see a third this Friday)
  • Attended a political rally and went to vote
  • Attended a comic expo
  • Played about 20 hours of Fallout 4
  • Watched probably 10 hours of YouTube
  • Watched the Dark Places movie at home
  • Listened to music for maybe 5 hours
  • Slept 7-8 hours a night
  • Dined out 1-3 times a week

Because you know what they say about all work and no play, after all. Have a good week, guys!

3 thoughts on “Productivity Progress Report Week #3 – Back On Track

  1. Sciatic nerve pain at your young age? That stinks. Hope it gets better for you.

    Did you like ‘Dark Places’? I thought it was okay, but neither that nor ‘Sharp Objects’ matched ‘Gone Girl’ for me.

    • I’ve had it since I was 18, I believe. I have really reaaaaaally bad posture, so there’s something off in my lower back that presses against it occasionally. I was going to the chiropractor for awhile but at $40/week, it was just too much money.

      The pain varies – often my behind will go numb, or my thighs, or I’ll have shooting pain down my legs. Friday night was isolated to my right foot, which was a bit odd. Autoimmune also runs in my family, so sometimes I think the nerve pain could come from that.

      I enjoyed Dark Places, but it definitely wasn’t as good as Gone Girl. Gone Girl managed to hit me in a hard place that few books ever reach. Still, I think Gillian Flynn is a flipping amazing writer and one of the best we have working today. Rarely do people live up to the hype anymore, but she does for me.

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