Life has been crazy, and I’ll be back when it’s sane

Well, I didn’t do much for CampNaNo in April. I got about 5000 words into Draft Five, was not feeling my writing, and quit while I was ahead. Eventually I brainstormed some and hammered out a new outline that I actually have some faith in. But I haven’t started rewriting it. I haven’t even tried.

Austin and I close on our house on Friday, which is certainly exciting in other ways. But that means the next two weeks will be a tornado of painting, installing ceiling fans, moving, cleaning our old place for the new tenants, etc.

In less fun news, I’ve had to work a lot of overtime this past month because of all the dye production trials I’ve helped run. One of my projects has gone from 1L lab experiments to 30,000 lb batches. We’ve had to troubleshoot it a great deal, and we still haven’t gotten it in the bag. Either way, the stress and the long hours have definitely taken their toll on me. I haven’t wanted to look at a laptop in weeks. I have wanted to take about a week off of work to relax, get my sanity back together, write some, and focus on our move. I’m not sure that’s going to be possible, especially if we plan another trial the week of Memorial Day.

But I look forward to June. The summer is warm and inspiring. The dust will have settled and we’ll have doubled our living space, hopefully making way for us each to focus on our own projects (I feel for Austin – he has no space to do anything of his own right now, so he usually just watches TV or plays games, and then I feel like I ought to spend time with him doing that stuff, so I get pulled away from my work….bah. Looking forward to giving him a room to practice his viola, record his Youtube vids, and work on his animation.) Plus, Austin will be out-of-town for a week in June which will give me nothing better to do than to write ;) And I’ve got ConCarolinas coming up at the end of the month, which is always ripe with creative, extraordinary people. A lot of my inspiration comes from chatting with brilliant people and seeping off their energy a bit.

In the meantime, I probably won’t be around much. I still keep up with my “favorite follows” on WordPress, but I don’t have much to say about writing at the moment. So, the blog will be a bit quiet. Hopefully, when Draft Six returns to full swing, I’ll be back with a whole summer’s worth of insightful writing thoughts ;)

14 thoughts on “Life has been crazy, and I’ll be back when it’s sane

    • It’s an omni media convention in Charlotte, NC. Very fun :) My mother cofounded it about 15 years ago before she went on to start AtomaCon. There are always a lot of writers there, including a full three days of writing/literary programming. Maybe I’ll actually have time to attend a workshop or something this year!

    • Heh, unfortunately I feel like the necessities of life are outweighing the joys! I wish I could fast forward through the next couple weeks. Alas. It just makes me all the more eager to get back to writing when I get the time.

    • Thanks! Good luck with everything you’re working on as well. We have less than 48 hours to pack a bunch of stuff we haven’t gotten to yet buuuuut it’ll be okay, right? Ha. Hopefully!

  1. Oh man, you’ve got a lot on your plate! When I moved late last year, I stopped blogging for months, though that was also due to my creative drought and a bout of traveling. I hope your new chapter with homeownership is a more smooth one. Are you getting lots of help from family/friends, or is it just you two holding down the fort?

    Really cool that Austin does animation. My impression was that he’s also in sciences, or a similar technical field. Best of luck with the move! Keep me updated with Draft Six and them writing insights. : )

    • It seems that it’s mostly just us, although we may recruit a few friends on our big furniture move day. I also caved and paid a couple pro mover guys to help us get some of the big furniture down and up the stairs. My family is getting a bit old for this sort of thing, so I’m not sure they’ll be around much.

      Austin is indeed a chemist as well, by circumstance. He majored in biology/toxicology, and he’s gearing himself towards industrial hygiene with his current job. He’s probably more scientific than I am, but his mind is very creative. Not necessarily as artistic, but innovative. I’m more of a resourceful type, haha, which is why I’m better at remixing and reimagining existing things.

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