Camp NaNo, Here I Come?

Several of my writer friends are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month. Camp NaNo is a laid back, set-your-own-pace version of November’s 50,000 word sprint. Unlike the regular competition, Camp NaNo encourages short story writers, and people revising a previously written novel, to participate along with those writing a novel from scratch.

I didn’t concern myself much with the news, as I’ve never participated before. To me, NaNoWriMo is a November thing. I participate mostly out of tradition, and to beat my previous goal every year. I also use it to kick off new projects, which isn’t of much interest to me at the moment. I’m still fully devoted to Paradisa.

But Camp NaNo actually showed up at a good time for me. After some serious thinking, I’ve decided to rewrite the first 40 pages of my book, which I estimate to be about 25,000 words. I don’t want this rewrite to take 7 months like the previous one did (although, luckily, this rewrite is not as extensive as that!). I know that if I put my mind to it, I can probably knock out 25,000 words in just a couple of weeks.

So I signed up. I set my goal at 25,000 words. That means for less than 1000 words a day, I can have my major revision complete by May 1! Of course, I was planning on writing these 25,000 words anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra fire under my butt. I’m all outlined-up and ready to go!

Some writers are pro enough to set such goals unofficially and carry them out. I was like that about a year and a half ago, despite having a full-time job, but I think my writing productivity tanked around the time I started cohabitating with my boyfriend. We’re now on the same sleep schedule  which leaves me less productive time to write (going to bed far too early, at 10 PM) and I’m naturally drawn to more collaborative activities rather than solo ones now. When I lived alone, I could plop myself in a chair for four hours and forget the rest of the world. When there’s someone else’s feelings to consider,  that’s basically impossible now. Hopefully when we move into a bigger place in the next couple months, we’ll have more elbow room to do our own things in our own time. He’ll be getting his own office in the new house, which he doesn’t have now.

Until then, I think I can set aside a half hour every evening and get 1000 words out. Little goals seem more obtainable than big ones, no? And having a sophisticated word count system (I could rave about NaNo’s statistics system all day, ya’ll. It’s probably the #1 reason I keep doing this) helps motivate me as well.

Feel free to become my writer buddy on the Camp NaNo website. I am under the moniker “musemorgan.”


5 thoughts on “Camp NaNo, Here I Come?

  1. Good luck with Camp NaNo. I don’t participate, but I’m starting my own edits this week so the timing is good. I finished my first draft a few weeks ago. The manuscript has had time to simmer, and now I’m ready to get back to it.

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  3. I tried a multitude of NaNo events, but found the actual meet-ups more productive because there were people sitting around you holding you accountable. However, the NaNo participants I knew online liked to talk about writing instead of actually writing. Because of that, I don’t participate online through the official word count portal(s) very much.

    Good luck with the upcoming move. I hope the additional elbow space will be conducive to more words written.

    • Yeah, I avoid all the forums for that reason. It’s a lot of people sitting around asking others to write their novel for them. I like collaboration with people I trust, but I don’t think asking random strangers what my character’s motivation should be is helpful. And of course, only 10% of NaNo participants actually “win” so I guess that tells you how many are actually writing :P

      I haven’t tried a physical writing group yet, mostly because I’m a homebody and I don’t want to leave my house for something I could do in my pajamas. I think I’ve spoken before about how writing in public is too distracting for me too. I think it’s good to have some kind of interaction with other writers who are legit serious about their craft though. In NaNo, you really have to wade through a lot of people doing it as a fad, or who are simply caught in a circle jerk of bad advice.

      Thanks! Just minutes ago, we got news that the bank is going to accept our offering price, so the last major obstacle between us and the house is down! Just a couple more months now~

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