AetherHouse’s Year In Review: Television in 2014

Hey guys! Still alive, still trying to finish my draft of Paradisa before the new year, and still busy in about every way! But I’m here with another year-in-review post. About three weeks ago, I did one about movies. This is my slightly shorter take on television, as I do not watch a lot of TV. And this time, I didn’t bother with pictures. And not all of these shows are even from 2014. But hey, some of them are new to me!

Best Comedy/Sitcom – Community (NBC)

I’m not talking about the Community of this year, although Season Five wasn’t bad. I’m talking about Community as a whole series, because this year I decided to watch it from start to finish. I’d never seen an episode before, even on syndication. And it is fantastic.

NBC comedies and I don’t always agree. I was never fond of Scrubs or 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation. This is the same network that thought Animal Practice and Outsourced were good ideas. But I think Community is far more like the Seinfeld of the 2010s though – awful yet loveable people getting into amazingly written circumstances.

Best New ShowForever (ABC)

I loved Forever from the pilot, and it has rarely failed to deliver in its freshman season. Blame part on this obsession on my huge crush on Ioan Gruffudd, who is even more handsome and charming in person than on-screen (I met him at Dragon Con. I still regret not paying the extra $15 for a picture/hug.) If you like Sherlock, Elementary, Bones, or Castle, I think you’d enjoy this one. It does bring something new to the table for a procedural, especially in the form of always-likeable Judd Hirsh.

Best Reality ShowThe Quest (ABC)

Austin and I started watching The Quest as a joke. “Har, har, this is going to be a LARP with bad effects.” However, I was hooked after one episode by the extremely immersive quality of the setting built, and the dedicated acting by every ‘NPC’. Especially Sir Ansgard :P The contestants were mostly likeable people, the challenges were surprisingly grueling, and the technology/effects were often practical. I doubt much was added in post-production, which makes me believe the reactions of the contestants more. Not really happy with who ended up winning, but perhaps ABC will renew it for next summer and the adventure will start over again.

Best Series FinaleBeing Human US (SYFY)

A few shows had series finales this year, and some went over better than others. The most infamous one is probably How I Met Your Mother. But while everyone was raving about that, SyFy’s lovely adaptation of the UK’s Being Human quietly ended its four-year run. This final season was fantastically trippy, and ended with my Being Human OTP ship becoming canon in a surprising chain of events! And I’m always glad to see a sci-fi/fantasy show that knows when to stop. Pretty much every other famous SFF show either 1) never gets off the ground in the first place or 2) is “good for the first half” before sinking into a sad parody of itself near the end.

Show With The Most PotentialConstantine (NBC)

Constantine is nearly my favorite new show, but mostly for the potential it has – not what it has yet become. There have been a few stellar and the show is well cast, but I still feel as if it is struggling to find its footing. I’d like to see it get renewed, as there are several famous Hellblazer stories I know the producers want to tackle.

Show I Still Didn’t WatchSupernatural (The CW)

How many years now have I said “I’m going to watch Supernatural”? Lots. Like, before Castiel even showed up. But now I’ve vowed that I will not watch Supernatural until after I finish Paradisa, as they run a few similarities. I suppose Constantine could end up this way too, but at least that doesn’t involve a normal human dude with a gun tagging up with his sibling and a unique angel *cough*

Show I’m Most Excited About For 2015Heroes Reborn (NBC)

When are they going to release more details about this thing? ARRGH. Talk about an unexpected revival, but I’m certainly not complaining. This show was my entire teenage life, so I have massive nostalgia at work. Upon its initial announcement, I talked to fellow fans who I haven’t spoken to in years. I can’t wait to get the gang back together to watch this.

Best OverallHarper’s Island (CBS)

This show is from about five years ago. I found it on Netflix and said “oh, my best friend really liked this when it came out.” Boy, was she right. Harper’s is basically a cross between Scream and And Then There Were None. A bunch of people head off to a sleepy island for their rich friend’s wedding, and one by one they are murdered by a mysterious killer. It starts off cheesy and soapy, but by episode five becomes something else entirely. You eventually come to love every single character and it physically pains you when they get axed. And I can almost guarantee that you’ll never guess who the killer is ;) I love rewatching this entire 13 episode miniseries – which tells a complete story with all loose ends tied up – every few months. And every rewatch, I notice some brilliant background details and super consistent continuity that I really appreciate in a show.


What were your favorite series in 2014? What do you think I should watch next year?

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