Follow Friday: Thomas Reich! + More Gamora Cosplay Progress

Thomas Reich is an eloquent and kind dude who I met just this week. He’s participating in NaNoWriMo this year and he’s determined to follow his dreams of writing! Go give him some love.

I have 24 HOURS to finish my Gamora cosplay for tomorrow’s Geek Gala in Charlotte. 24 HOURS, PEOPLE. IT IS NOT DONE. CAN I DO IT? I DON’T KNOW. BUT HERE’S SOME PICS.

Again, you can see Gamora’s real costume for reference.


THE COLLAR – Here’s a side by side of her costume’s collar and my creation….

















This collar is the one piece that’s absolutely done. The rest of the costume is in varying states of progress. Oy. However, this was one of the most difficult pieces and I’m really happy with how it turned out. If you’re curious, I used the Worbla sandwich method with craft foam, two layers of gesso, a couple layers of black spray paint, and then my grandfather cut out pieces of aluminum with a pair of metal shears. Metal shears are easy to use and are cheap at Home Depot, so you could do this without any special equip! I bought the sheet aluminum for less than $10 on

THE TOP – Still haven’t ironed-on the pixel pattern yet, and there are a few restitchings I need to do. But for the most part, this is done in the front. As for the back, I’ve cut out and pinned all the material and need to sew it tonight. So much leather piping.

image image


ACCESSORIES – The belt should hardly take any time. I spray painted by Worbla-made buckles chrome (not pictured). I need to hem a strip of leather and sew it to a buckle, which should take about ten minutes. The most complex part of the belt was this piece, which is where her holster would go. I didn’t have time to make weapons though, so I didn’t bother completing the whole holster. This is just two layers of leather glued together with Liquid Stitch (WHICH HAS SAVED MY LIFE), and some silver ribbon clamps are clamped onto it.


Gloves weren’t too much of a pain. I bought a cheap pair of fingerless arm warmers on, cut them in half, spit them down the middle with the intention of sewing in a small zipper, and then glued layer upon layer of this thick woven ribbon to emulate her woven gloves. I think they came out pretty great tbh, but I still need to spend 20 minutes finishing the zippers. The pic on the right is just me holding it together, so it won’t be so baggy when it’s done.

image image

The boots have actually been quite fun. I went the El Cheapo easy route on her weird wedges and just carved something out of modeling clay and shoved it in between the heel and the toe gap to make a “wedge.” But the rest of the boots look pretty close to hers. I’ve got the nice textured leather pieces  for the top – just need to sew those onto their buckle straps and fix them onto the boot. There are two boot strap pieces that I haven’t started yet, but they’ll be quick. I cut the top of the boots to match the penultimate wrapped layer, and cut out a couple pieces of leather to be the top of the boot. And I adhered the ribbon clips to these too.

image   Guardians Galaxy gamora boots

Make-Up Purchased (and other little things):

  • Manic Panic metallic green lipstick ($12 on Amazon)
  • Mehron Liquid Fantasy FX in Green ($4 at local Halloween Store)
  • Paradise by Mehron Green paint cup ($13 on Amazon). This is a darker green than the Fantasy FX and I will probably use it for shading
  • Mehron Clown White face paint ($~10 on Amazon?)
  • Rimmel London green eyeshadow palate ($5 Walgreens)
  • Wet and Wild silver pencil eyeliner, for the hatch marks on her face ($1 at Walgreens)
  • Mehron Liquid Latex ($7 at local Halloween Store. Can be bought off Amazon for double that price. This will be used for the hatch marks on Gamora’s face)
  • Some kind of green nail polish that’s shaped like a gravestone for $2 at Walgreens. Gamora’s OFFICIAL green nail polish was from Sinful Colors and it can be bought off Amazon for $4.
  • Mary Kay’s SPF 15 face primer ($15 at
  • Glue stick for painting the eyebrows
  • Purple and black spray-in hair color, each about $3 from any party store on the planet

The eyeliner I’ll be using is my own. Probably Sumita’s Beauty’s Kohl eyeliner. I will probably use Sumita Beauty’s brown eye crayon for the pink/brown tones in her eyeshadow as well. I am not going to be using false eyelashes, but I may use Benefit! They’re Real mascara or Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara.

I’ll also note that I picked up a package of ~10 silver rings at H&M for less than $10. Gamora has a ring on nearly every finger, and this is a detail some could miss! Only this week did I realize she has two silver skulls braided into her hair, behind the ear, and I’m unfortunately not pursuing that detail. Maybe I’ll add it in later once we can get some HD pictures of what the skulls even look like.

You can note that I didn’t take pictures of the pants because the pants are a disaster rn and just cross your fingers for me bbs, because….I’m only gonna have about 6 hours left to finish this tonight and I’m going to need to good vibes/prayers to Chthulu. And I hope that if you’re cosplaying Gamora, you learn from me and start earlier than 4 weeks in advance!



5 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Thomas Reich! + More Gamora Cosplay Progress

    • Thanks! It didn’t really get finished by Saturday, but I wore it anyway. But I had a dancing baby Groot doll to distract everyone from my bad paint job and loose threads :P

      *high fives* Just a few days left before NaNo. I have a feeling we’ll be keeping each other sane :P

  1. Just wanted to send out a thank you for your guide. I’m off to buy Worbla today and attempt to make the collar. Hopefully all the youtubing I’ve watched will help. Can’t wait to see the finished product, I especially want to know how the makeup worked out.

    • No problem! I’d say the Worbla was the easiest thing to work with on this costume – I seemed to have done best on the accessories in general – you just have to be patient with it. Also remember to gesso before you spray paint and if you’re using aluminum, gutter glue worked very well for me. It was strong and dried quickly.

      The makeup was hard on me. I bought high quality stuff, watched tutorials, and it still came out pretty badly. I don’t know where it went wrong. Sponge dabbing only made everything worse. So…. yeah. Practice your makeup first, I would advise. And make sure your shade isn’t too dark. I really should have gone with a lighter green.

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