Writing To Blog?

We have not had electricity at work this week because our plant is going through a shutdown. So, I haven’t had much focus or ability to post new entries on my blog. At home, I’ve been focused on my Gamora cosplay, which is actually turning out pretty well (I might devote one day a week, probably Fridays, to posting progress for anyone following the Gamora cosplay tag. Might help them build their own). I’ve been outlining the NaNoWriMo novel some too, which I have to ask myself some hard questions in order to finish. Like yesterday, I made a brainstormed list of “Why Are People Afraid of Death?” just to keep my themes straight and my plot propelled. Tough stuff, yo.

Anyway, today I propose a simple observation that’s cropped up in the past few weeks: when I don’t write, I don’t feel like blogging. Most of my blog entries spring from thoughts I’ve had on my writing journey – thoughts about the editing of my book, the beta process, the character development, outlining, marketing, etc. Every day I work on my book, I walk away with more questions. And even better, I walk away with more concrete awareness of my Personal Writing Philosophy, which I enjoy sharing.

I like to think that my blog covers topics that you don’t see much on writing blogs. For instance, I am not going to write entries about “How To Write A Hook” or “The Three Act Structure.” Not only have such topics been beaten into the ground by hundreds of bloggers before me, they’re also common knowledge. Or, at least, very accessible knowledge. Even more, it’s knowledge given by people with credibility, whereas I am still unpublished. The best I can give are my opinions and philosophy.

Instead, I cover topics like why writing full-time isn’t that obtainable, why I write with my mind instead of my emotions, why I never delete my work, and defending unpopular topics like present tense and book-to-film adaptations. None of this comes out of the blue. A lot of it comes from other people’s posts that spark ideas in me, and a great deal of it comes from working on my book.

I’ve been lax on Paradisa lately. It’s just such a massive revision, and it’s one that I have faith in, but that doesn’t make it easy. I have other artistic priorities tugging at me this month. I have another book I’m outlining. But I’ve noticed that the more I put off Paradisa, the more my blogging suffers. The less I have to say on here, because the less experience I’m having as a writer.

Do you feel the same way? Is your blogging interest directly proportional to your writing strides?

8 thoughts on “Writing To Blog?

  1. The two aren’t really intertwined for me, probably because I post on a variety of topics, not just writing. In fact, on the day I draft a blog post, I usually don’t get too much fiction writing done. I’m not one of those who can just whip off a blog post. I take my time, do research (if applicable), and then edit and re-edit. I admire those bloggers who write a post and publish it the same day. I’d make a terrible journalist!

    • It takes me awhile to craft a post as well. I’m always paranoid about mistakes, so I write and rewrite and cut for a few hours before I hit “publish.” It’s pretty difficult to do it every day. You’re probably smarter for only publishing once a week! I’m still trying to build a follower base though, so I feel like I have to keep the content rolling.

    • Cool! Then I’ll surely consider posting regular progress. Looks like I’ve got a couple followers interested in that cosplay.

      And yup! It’s all a process. To step away from it means you forget. I lost my “voice” when I stopped writing in college (just too much homework) and it’s been a pain to rebuild.

  2. I do the same thing. When I’m in writing mode, I want to write but I also want to write about writing. The process is so fraught with challenge, and I have to examine the challenges in order to continue to process.

  3. I’m the same too. When I avoid writing, I avoid all of it. When I do writing, I’m writing everywhere. So I feel you. I feel very similar to my writing process that you’re feeling for Paradisa. *hugs* Good luck!

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