Follow Friday – L.S. Engler!

Happy Friday! My follow recommendation this week descends upon L.S. Engler, a charming indie author. You can buy her first book Soulless on Amazon (look at the pretty cover!), or submit to her World Unknown Review – an indie lit mag she’s compiling. She’s a cool gal, so check her out!

H.K. Rowe has challenged me to present pics of my workspace, but I haven’t gotten around  to taking any yet. So that will probably come next week!

It’s been a busy week for us and I’m still trying to carve out time for writing with this new work schedule. I’m the type of person who needs at least a 2 hr block of time to accomplish anything. Some writers can scribble anything when they’ve got a spare 15 minutes, but I don’t think I’m focused enough for that? I almost need a big block of time to sit, say a few ohms, and get cracking on whatever I’m trying to do. (This also applies to chores and the like too. I’m not one who can do drive-by laundry on a weeknight or something. I need to set aside like, a whole morning, and get it all done at once).

So, not having more than an hour at a time to rub together is difficult for me. Truly, the only way I can deal is to go upstairs at 7:00 every night and leave Austin to his lonesome. However, if I’m super productive, then it doesn’t have to be every night. I could set a goal of 20,000 words a week and that’s just 10 hours. I can find 10 hours.

I’ve also been jotting some notes about my NaNo project, which I’m getting more excited for. I’m not sure I’m gonna have a rigid outline for this one, but it’ll be nice to try something new and experimental. Something I’ve never approached before. I’m not going to tackle this one with the determined intent of being published, but we’ll see how it turns out. If it’s good, then maybe. If it doesn’t work, oh well. At least I’ll have another 50,000 words of practice.

One thought on “Follow Friday – L.S. Engler!

  1. Thanks for sharing! The cover is nice and I’ll check out her lit mag.
    I’m super behind on stuff too so no worries. It’ll be great when you do post. Writing words is more important anyway. :)

    I really want to do Nano but I’m really unsure on what project I want to tackle for it. Ugh. I hope you have better luck in your planning.

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