Follow Friday – Kate Turville!

Happy almost-weekend! Today, please join me in following the lovely Kate Turville. I like Kate because, like me, she’s a scientist and a writer! Although, she’s an Australian environmental scientist, which makes her about 10x more epic. Her posts are really funny sometimes, but they’ll just as often make you ponder life.

This has been mostly a “recover from being sick and do some book research” week. It’s also Charleston Restaurant Week, so Austin and I have been busy going out. I think Tuesday was the one night we were able to stay in. And tomorrow, we’re going to see a Boston Pops tribute orchestra, so no rest for the wicked again! I’ve got a headache, so I mostly just want a nap -_-

But yes, book research – one of my favorite parts of the creative process for this particular project. I’m structuring a story bible for the Paradisa series, so I’m leafing through my mythology books and trying to clarify the world. I often feel like I should be working on my draft instead of researching, but hey, the research has to be done sometime. At least it’s something productive. And it can be quite inspiring too. I’ve stumbled across many East Asian or Celtic gods and said “oh snap, that guy is awesome. I’ve got to work him into the story somehow.”

I did manage to write a few pages, and I feel like inspiration has returned in full. It’s just a matter of finding the time and tearing myself away from Austin for a few hours. It sounds easy, but it’s hard to say “I’m going upstairs now, don’t talk to me until 8:00.” Alas. There’s always Sunday, which I have to myself, and I’m determined to let the chores lie and write instead this time.

Have a good weekend!

14 thoughts on “Follow Friday – Kate Turville!

  1. I think half the reason I want to pursue grad school is just because of how much I loved researching for papers! I don’t do that kind of heavy researching anymore, which is a shame, but also probably a good thing. It’s a rabbit hole I’d be sure to fall down if I wasn’t careful! But, yeah, the research can be just as fun as the writing itself, I’m with you there!

    • It’s actually funny how much I hated English class in school, because I hated writing essays. The research aspect was probably the most bearable part, depending on the topic, but I was never happy with how the teachers tried to “limit” our sources. Wikipedia is a reliable source, yo!

      Mythology is one of the subjects I’m interested in the most though, so I love researching it. There’s some research that my book requires which isn’t so fun, haha. I’d rather spend days flipping through sacred texts.

  2. I think it’s good to get the research done before we do much drafting of our story. We’ll need to go back to it once we start writing, but doing it early helps get us in the right mindset.

    • Yeah, a grand majority of it was done in advance, mostly concerning the protagonists. Now I’m trying to fill in the world with good side characters and I’m mulling over the sequels! :D

  3. I definitely agree with the above commenter to get all that research done before more drafting, but honestly it’s all part of the process. I think you’re still active on your project so that’s good. You’re not abandoning it and getting too distracted, lol, which is my problem.

    Good luck!
    Also, isnt’ it nice to get some activity here than LJ? I feel like I’m losing a lot of views at LJ. It’s sad.

    • I think research that is required for the story to work needs to be done first…but “touch up” research is more for inspiration than neccessity. At least for me! Getting the gears turning is important, especially when I’m brainstorming the sequels.

      I quite like wordpress :) But it’s a shame LJ is so dead. I think the fandom world moved to tumblr but….eh. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Posting fic and stuff gets lost so easily on tumblr, and I think LJ was a more adult crowd. LJ’s archive/community/tagging system was top notch.

      • That touch up research sounds even more fun than editing! And you know what’s best for your book so I know you’ll work on whatever it needs. :)

        LJ used to be so full of life. I still have Doctor Who friends there so I’m put for now. The other fandoms have died out.
        I have tumblr but I just don’t like it as a writing platform. I’m amazed by the amount of attention writing gets there though. Must be the tags. I’m there for the fandom, gifs and pictures mostly. :)

  4. Thanks for your lovely words about me :) Made me smile! I wish I was 10x more epic, but it’s mostly just sitting in front of a computer typing up reports the same as any scientist :S
    I absolutely love mythology. All the folk tales from Ireland concerning the ‘little people’ fascinate me.

    • Glad to do it!

      Omg, if you love Irish mythology then I highly recommend Artemis Fowl. You may have already read that series but it takes Irish myth and turns it on it’s head. Basically, all the little people who were forced underground thousands of years ago have developed a really advanced, militarized civilisation. And when a human boy tries to kidnap a fairy, he doesn’t expect her to be a cop with a laser blaster :P

      • I read it the first book years ago when it first came out and remember really enjoying it. It has been on my to-read list for quite a while, but so are fifty million other books! I’ll get there. It’s an easy read so I might borrow it out from the library when I can.

      • The first book is a good time, but the series as a whole won my heart. Books 2, 3, and 4 just get better and better. Book 5 was a bit of a letdown, but then 6 came in and knocked it out of the park. Colfer is just really really adept at weaving in serious themes and darkness and depth and showing slow-burn character growth. Bah, these are my favorite books, ha! I could rave about them all day.

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