Throwback Thursday #5: “The Flying Chameleon Clan”

As weird as this book was, it’s still not as weird as it sounds.

When I was in 4th grade, I formed a club at recess with three other kids – Lyndsey, Tiffany, and Tristan. We called ourselves “The Flying Chameleon Clan” and devoted ourselves to reptilian welfare. This came about from 1) my desire to emulate The Babysitters Club dynamic in real life and 2) I was going through a lizard phase.

Thing is, we never actually DID anything for reptilian welfare. So I wrote a book where we did. Even more, this was a book I actually finished!

In my book, I was the leader of The Flying Chameleon Clan, and we were offered a trip to Hawaii to do some lizard research. Our group traveled to Honolulu, somehow without parents (I believe it was even a private jet). From there, we traveled by ferry to a smaller land mass called Komodo Island, which was infested with lethal Komodo dragons. The head of the research group was a man named Jonathan, and he escorted my friends and I through our daily activities. Unfortunately,  the Flying Chameleons had dangerous encounters with quicksand, man-eating lizards, and…..Jonathan himself, who turned out to be the bad guy!

I honestly don’t remember why. I think he was trying to make Komodo dragons go extinct for some reason, and he lured us to our deaths because we were doing too much to help reptiles – we stood in the way of him and his poaching. If I wrote this story now, it would probably be some Fern Gully tale of “I want the unobtanium on this island and I don’t care if I have to kill every dragon! MUAHAHAHA!”

But honestly,  I kind of dig a bad guy who’d just straight up murder some harmless 4th graders. It’d get me points for originality! (jk of course. That’s probably not cool.)

Oh there was also some romance between fiction!me and fiction!Tristan…because wish fulfillment I guess :P

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #5: “The Flying Chameleon Clan”

  1. Cute! Sounds like a fun story. Don’t you just love going back into time and seeing what you were thinking back then? I’m glad I kept all my writings practically since I was 12.

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