Throwback Thursday #3 – Agent Adrenaline #TBTH

You know what every 9-year-old girl from the 90’s wanted to be when she grew up? A princess? A mom? A Barbie?

Nope. A spy.

I blame Spy Kids, actually. Or Totally Spies. Or The Powerpuff Girls. When you’re a budding writer at age 9, you do a terrible job of sorting *your* ideas from the movies and books you enjoy. Pretty much everything I wrote before I was 13 was insanely derivative and cliché. But, what can you do? Can most 9-year-olds even define ‘cliché’?

Agent Adrenaline was a story idea that I held onto for many years in childhood. It was about a girl named Liz and her best friend Jackson. Both were ordinary teenagers, until Liz lets a secret slip – she’s a spy! Jackson gets pulled into one of her missions, bumbling along like the hapless geek he is, while Liz dances through bullets and bad guys with ease.

By the time I was 10 or 11, I might have realized that it was too similar to existing works…but at least it was a BIT different. However, the nail in the coffin was Kim Possible. They are practically identical side-by-side.

Once the world knew of KP and Ron Stoppable, I officially euthanized Agent Adrenaline for good. Ultimately, I write stories that I’d like to read about. If someone else has beaten me to the punch, I happily withdraw and enjoy what they’ve created. In my mind, they’ve saved me a lot of work! I may have been disappointed to lay Agent Adrenaline to rest at the tender age of 11, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. I never actually wrote the book, which is why I have no excerpts today, so…on to the next idea!



2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #3 – Agent Adrenaline #TBTH

  1. Agent Adrenaline is a catchy title! Ha, we were definitely on the same wavelength as kids. While it wasn’t Kim Possible, it was Cybersix. My idea was a masked girl that fought zombies with a tiger of a brother. Carbon copy galore. I agree with you: ultimately, it really comes down to writing what you like (and what you know).

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