Follow Friday! – Flash Fiction from Raven Apotheosis

In this week’s edition of Follow Friday, I encourage everyone to visit the beautifully designed blog of Edgar Hernandez – Raven Apotheosis. Edgar is a professor who posts daily short/flash fiction on his blog, primarily in *my* favorite genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy. All of these flash fiction pieces emerge from some thought-provoking prompts or caveats. He’s also a heck of a nice dude, so go check him out!

In other news, my round one betas have one week left to read and review Paradisa. Eeek! Next week will surely be a bountiful harvest of feedback :P

Additionally, I’ve spent my evenings fixing up the study, doing my back exercises, and reading through my mythology books for sequel fodder. I’m about four chapters into the outline for Paradisa’s sequel, Ascendent, despite telling myself that the next novel I work on will not be Ascendent. Alas. Perhaps getting the outline done while I’ve still got the mojo isn’t a bad thing, though. I have until November to get cracking on an outline for Still Unnamed Trippy Othello Filmmaker Metafiction Novel .


3 thoughts on “Follow Friday! – Flash Fiction from Raven Apotheosis

    • Don’t feel bad, heh. Only 2/7 have completed and I’m pretty sure 3/7 have barely started :P Plus, you’re busy out the yahzoo and your own projects should come first!

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