Creating A Creative Space


This is my studio. It’s pretty messy right now, as it’s still a work in progress from when I moved in last September. Everything seems to end up in this room – storage, odds and ends, my collection of Mickey Mouse plushies. But I was really excited at the prospect of having a studio when I first moved out on my own. To have a space that’s sole purpose is creativity.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard. When you’ve spent your life writing in bed or in a living room recliner, it’s hard to find creative juices elsewhere. My studio mostly sits untouched, unused, as a glorified closet. About 90% of the time, I can be found lounging in bed with my laptop instead.

For a multitude of reasons – namely, my chiropractor’s stern admonishments and Austin’s impending move-in/conflicting sleep schedule – I need to start using the studio I worked so hard to build. Writing in bed is just not an option anymore. I’ve got a cute Pier 1 writing desk in the corner there, and it demands to be used!

So this is my project for the month, especially while my betas are hard at work on their reading. Get the studio clean and organized, and get into the habit of spending all my creative time here instead of on the pillows. I know that creativity comes from within, not from the place you’re writing in. It’s all just habit. I wrote my first three Heroes novels in that chair, after all ;)

Do you have a creative space in your home? Where is your favorite place to write?

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